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Backlinks to Work on Google

The 20 Kinds of Backlinks to Work on Google

There are too many critics of SEO and optimization through backlinks. One of the biggest critics of link building is Google and all its satellites. Google Ads resellers or former Google Adwords.

I have nothing to do with the Google Ads Professionals because creating backlinks is the most difficult. And the most accurate way to bypass Google Ads (after your website comes out first on Google). So it’s written so much to get everyone required to have websites to avoid it.

What is building backlinks?

Link building or link building is the process of creating links to a keyword that. If you go the mouse on this word or your hand on your mobile you are going to another website.

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This website called destination site, money site, landing page or landing page.

What are white hat backlinks?

White hat backlinks are links created using White Hat SEO techniques. All white SEO techniques have to do with the methods of creation that. Google approves and does not violate the quality standards for Webmasters.

These are physical link-building techniques that do not aim to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm.

Almost daily I receive an email from a blogger or webmaster of a website that has amazing content and suggests that. I link my site to my own or refer to an article she has written and needs to be referenced.

The blogger aims to get dozens of quality backlinks in a natural way that will upload its website to Google.

This is the natural process of creating links that, as you understand, is time consuming, costly and laborious.

What are black hat backlinks?

The black hat backlinks are backlinks created according to the techniques. Black Hat SEO and considered illegal unnatural and not correct because they are trying to manipulate Google’s search results and algorithm.

Every day dozens of websites go up and down on the search results pages. And the Google quality team made up of over 20,000 speakers of every language tries to fight all sites that use unorthodox methods.

What is the right way to create a backlink according to Google

According to Google, the right way to create links is to produce unique. Unique epic content so the other sites will consider you as a reference point and want to connect with yours.

You should take the time to write guides that will be reference points for your industry as. I have written in my site the SEO guide. Do videos with purchase guides and several other such things that only.

If you were a big company with multi-digit marketing budgets could spend the money to do it.

But because my friends are not Cosmote, Mercedes, and Coca Cola. You probably will not do well with Google and its philosophy.

My backlink creation strategy

My Own Backlinks to Work on Google
My Own Backlinks to Work on Google @

At the start of my website development and website promotion business. I spent a lot of time producing content articles and videos and creating useful articles for the end user.

This is necessary even if you have an EShop creating manuals for your products. Or creating useful articles to educate your prospective customers. Your corporate blog or blog from your e-shop should at first have not yet been taken fire.

So I created over 1,000 articles so far on various blogs and sites. And most of them stay buried for years and are waiting to be found.

To advertise and promote my job, which is really great, and it has helped many people to make the right websites. And go to the first page of Google, I had to throw it a little out.

It needs a little extroversion In the sense I should create more backlinks and more aggressive so. We do not expect in the years to come that customers find me on their own. I would have been waiting for a while and so I said to do so beyond email marketing and the Newsletter they send weekly to all stakeholders, customers, prospective customers, students, and SEO artists (common amateurs), updates in the browser, it’s said to make links in the 20 different ways below.

I would like you not to tell Google that I’ve done it myself! Smiley !!! (I have not yet put emoticons on my WordPress)

1 Links to Blogging Articles

The first backlinks are no other than links to your website articles, so-called blogging or internal links.

In English, it calls the internal links internal links and has the same value as external backlinks you get from third sites. Internal links are necessary to exist on any website you want to look high on Google.

Previously some SEO engineers have reported that Google has set a limit of 100 outgoing links from a page to not qualify this page as spam. But that does not stand alone.

Take for example Wikipedia, which has a grid of dozens not to say hundreds of internal and external backlinks, but I have never described it as spam by Google.

Instead, in almost any search Wikipedia also has this relevant entry on the corresponding landing page.

The conclusion is that you also need internal links.

2 Backlinks in the comments

Websites or blogs that have open comments are often the victims of aspiring spammers who try with various methods to fill in with intrusive backlinks all these open to the public site.

However, there are always opportunities to create backlinks on websites you can with a comment answer a question to the open dialogue or offer something. Do it wisely and not just to get backlinks.

3 Links to directories

The business directories, professional drivers such as the Yellow Pages, the Vrisko and several other professional drivers give you for a fee a backlink to your website.

In addition to a few clicks and phones you will earn from your entry, you will also earn some high authority backlinks to help you win positions in search engines.

4 Links to authority blogs

The high authority blogs are not other websites that have high traffic articles such as large informational blogs or sectoral websites that are directly related to your subject as Tripadvisor and more.

Usually, these links go with a presentation article or a banner and are paid for.

While Google punishes paid backlinks, backlinks from advertising sites do not punish them when they have unique content and provide unique information to the end user, for example, the Kathimerini website.

The problem with authority links is that it is usually expensive and it is very difficult with one or five backlinks to see results in the search engines.

5 Image backlinks

The image links are icons when you click leads to another page of the same site or a third external website. Banners are also considered as image links.

It’s perfectly healthy to have besides dozens of other links, text links, and so on and links to images. It measures the overall backlink profile on Google, not the individual links only.

Which means that a backlink on its own cannot hurt you, but it can not bring in the spring or make the change for your website.

6 Document sharing backlinks

The document sharing backlinks are backlinks that are usually created in pdf files that are shared by several pdf sharing sites. The problem is that pdf files are not detected by search engines and by Google, so its role is auxiliary to throw ashes into Google’s own eyes.

They are done to show that your site is so good that it earns backlinks that are not even classified, backlinks from the Karagiozis wedding, from the neighborhood café, from the local barbeque to the side street, etc.

So you show that you do not have backlinks only from Ministries and creating backlinks is not your own goal.

7 Forum links

The forums are places that have been attacked by spammers and bots for years and so their managers are suspicious and have taken their measures. That’s why they do not easily allow someone to place their link in addition to their profile or allow it after making a few posts without backlinks.

But some forums have a very good search engine ranking and quite high domain authority. Google considers them quality because they have rich content produced by users.

So it is worth the trouble and time to beautifully put your backlinks there, as it offers some knowledge or advice.

8 Guest post backlinks

Guest posts or guest blogging is the inscription on third-party blogs with unique natural articles and with the aim of getting a backlink to your site.

Though guest blogging has been disrupted in recent years due to two key factors:

  • Google has lowered the value of guest posts
  • It takes a lot of time to find blogs that want a guest post and to write articles.

As a backlink placement method, it’s not the best, but it gives you the chance to become acquainted with your space and gain access to a new target market.

9 Indexer links

Indexer links are generally considered to be all backlinks that aim to make a new backlink visible to search engines.

Indexer links are usually low-value links that come from URL shorteners like, bitly and others. The purpose of indexing links is to classify your new backlinks on Google.

In order for Google bot to discover it, you should do the right indexing or else create second-level backlinks that will point to the first-level backlinks that point to your site.

10 Image comments links

As we have the picture links and comments in the articles of a blog, so there are comments on pictures usually from the online galleries of the web pages. Comments on images are normally considered as content by search engines and are normally sorted.

11 Microblogging links

The micro links blogging are links to commonly confused with social media signals or social bookmarking tools. Such links are Twitter, Instapaper, and many others.

And here the value of these microblogging backlinks is secondary and auxiliary and they are meant to indexing into fresh, new content or indexing into new backlinks.

12 Pingback links

To pingback is a technical link that like the trackback link you see below allows our site to record the links of the other site that have been associated with us.

Pingback is a special feature of WordPress sites and you enable it from the WordPress Control Panel in the chat menu and select: “Allow link notifications from other blogs (quotations and references) to new articles.”

Pingback links are regular links.

13 Referrer links

Referrer links are the classic type of links that another site tells you with a keyword somewhere. You can see referrer links on Google Analytics in getting traffic.

In this case, however associated links are considered links from websites that have built content automatically with our links such as websites with statistics such as Awstats and Plesk stats, and other websites such as Wayback machine that have useful content.

14 RSS Feeds links

The RSS Feed links are links contained (embedded) in third sites that pump the RSS Feed from our site. You can see a lot of informational sites that refresh their content by republishing and only from other sites that are the sources.

The RSS Feed automatically generates backlinks that are updated daily and mainly relate to news content.

These kinds of backlinks, of course, the RSS feed links are a bit difficult to obtain unless you are the Athenian News Agency.

15 Social bookmarking links

Social bookmarking links are links obtained from social bookmarking sites. The process of creating them is simple and easy. Create an account on social bookmarking sites and then use the notification buttons on your site or copy the link you want to bookmark and paste it.

Some social bookmarking sites are:

  • Pinterest
  • Digg
  • Pocket
  • We Heart It

16 Social media links

The social media links are links that go through the major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, as Twitter, Google Plus and the list is not endless. We are not talking about social media signals that are likes and shares but about backlinks that lead to our site.

Although most of the social media links are nofollow, they are useful to upload to Google, especially the links from Google Plus and YouTube.

17 Track backlinks

Track backlinks are the same as the ping backlinks that let us know another WordPress site has been related to our site or has been a source of an article.

18 URL shortener links

As mentioned earlier URL Shortener links are links that come from. URL shorteners like and are normally taken as backlinks by Google.

19 Redirection links- Domain parking links

Redirection links are links from other domain names we have in our possession. That have backlinks and link juice and our site by redirecting them to it.

This technique is also called the purchase of old domain names that have backlinks and have been rejected by their owners.

The most important value of these backlinks is that they upsurge your PageRank and the domain authority of your site.

20 Wiki links

The Wiki links are a special category of links from high-value sites such as Wikipedia. Google considers wiki links to be reliable and their acquisition, especially from Wikipedia, is difficult.

However, there are many other wiki sites you can open an account. Write an article and in a citation or a backlink.

21 Video links

My Own Backlinks to Work on Google
Backlinks to Work on Google @

Video links are links that come from websites of video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. Although these sites are thought of being more social media sites. Google places them separately on video sites and their links to video links, respectively.

You can place your links under the video in its description. Many times instead of a link to a keyword we need to place a link to a naked URL link it needs.

22 Web 2.0 links

The web 2.0 links are links from Web 2.0 sites such as Blogspot, Tumblr and many other Web 2.0 properties that are dozens today.

For too many website specialists, Web 2.0 links are the most important ones

  1. They give a strong ranking mark
  2. They are easy to handle
  3. And one can put text links with the keyword you are included in

23 Exchange backlinks

The exchange backlinks are a method for creating links that are artificial. Us consider it black hat SEO and so has downgraded by Google as all two-way links.

They consider bidirectional linking an artificial link-generating method and therefore gets a lower rating than Google. But this does not mean that it does not measure a link that is a product of exchange.

In any case, a backlink is a backlink

What did I say again? (I wrote)

Whether it’s good or bad it does not cease to be a backlink and has its own inner value. Do not overlook it and do not be complacent and do not be lying in it.

What is better Be on the ramparts of SEO and create backlinks every day. Or be in the castle’s sanctuaries in the immaculate and unpack them?

Think about it again no war won without attack. No site goes up on Google with no content and no backlinks.


I hope you have liked this article because in this article. How do we make you backlinks and how do you bring it to the first rank in Google. In this article we have given you step by step and if your backlinks. If you have any questions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment below.

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