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Illegal Backlinks and How to Avoid them

Illegal Backlinks and How to Avoid them

What are the illegal backlinks according to Google and how can they harm your website? What should you do if you find you have loaded with dozens of illegal or non-natural backlinks?

Or if you unwittingly did this for so long to date?

This article I wrote to shed light on all these questions that concern you all of you.  who have websites and you have some search engine rankings and you are afraid of. What will happen to Google and your competitors?

To learn how to protect your ranking on Google, read below.

What are the illegal or abnormal backlinks?

According to John Mueller, Google’s leading headquarter in nearby Switzerland: Google’s algorithm aims to identify backlinks that are, according to Google’s quality rules, malicious and potentially harmful to your site.

This statement was made by Mueller in 2015 and, as you understand, triggered chain developments in SEO.

Non-natural backlinks, illegal backlinks, or unnatural backlinks are those that have been strategically placed on other sites to manipulate your ranking on search engines and on Google.

This according to Google means that if you actively promote your website to search engines, backlinks that have not been created because you have top content on your site are not correct, in the sense it has created them in an abnormal manner.

If you also pay for guides and other news sites to link you, all these links are illegal.

If you also use bulk submissions, even these backlinks are illegal.

As you can see, Google puts dozens of illegal sites in the gorge and thinks they have illegal backlinks, so they are in danger of being punished by Google itself.

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How does penalizing websites with illegal backlinks Google?

How does penalizing websites with illegal backlinks Google
How does penalizing websites with illegal backlinks Google @

It does not mean because you have illegal backlinks that de and well will change something on your website or in the positions you have on the pages with the search results.

But two possible punishments can happen from Google:

See some positional loss algorithm from search results in Google’s ranking

Being a victim of a Google punishment with a manual penalty

Will Google tell us about abnormal backlinks?

In the second case of Google manual penalty, Google will alert you with a relative loophole that will send you to Google Search Console and let you know what you need to do to avoid downsizing in Google search results.

So you need to locate and clear according to Google all those backlinks that are not the same.

Which backlinks should you delete?

According to the above video by Matt Cutts, the Google Quality Officer along with his colleague will tell you what to do to avoid all these strange backlinks pointing to your site.

They give you instructions on how to use Google’s disavow tool and submit dozens of backlinks that Google has unlawfully taken to itself to ignore it.

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Should you use the Google backlinks disavow tool on your own?

Again, according to Google, the answer is no. In 2017 an expert on such topics from Google Gary Illyes had said at Search Marketing Expo: Google’s backlinks disavow tool is a crappy weapon that can ruin a few hours of all your ranking results if you use it incorrectly.

You should never use this crazy gun and in any case, you should ask for a specialist on the subject. Be careful not to accidentally pull the trigger.

What happens when your website illegally generates backlinks?

website illegally generates backlinks
website illegally generates backlinks @

If your website is about affiliate marketing and you are promoting various links on various websites to earn a commission. I consider you a low-quality website if you do not offer unique information about the products and services you recommend.

So if you do not give unique advice on services, you do not have ratings or reviews then you are the spam site. that creates the illegal backlinks and you can never ever go up to the search engines.

Bad is lesser than on your site you have set all outgoing links to be nofollow and secondly. when you stop republishing articles and instead write your own original articles.

But not to keep you on a theoretical level and give you some practical advice about which backlinks are considered illegal. And of low quality by Google and it considers what high quality that you should focus on creating them.

Which backlinks should you avoid because Google considers it illegal?

The following list is a few examples that Google has reported occasionally with backlinks it considers artificial and illegal:

  • Links to the footer (sitewide links)
  • Inside backlinks that have been created for manipulating search engines and have changed and keywords to match what you want
  • Blog comment links (links from comments to blogs)
  • Links from articles we’ve written to blog sites
  • Crafted links from RSS
  • Low-quality links from SEO friendly directories
  • Low-quality links from press releases
  • Links from Private blog networks (PBN)

I would like to point out that even if it considers abnormal backlinks. Google does not mean they have no value and does not mean they offer nothing in your search engine rankings.

Also in every rule, there are exceptions and know there are always exceptions and nothing is absolute. This does not mean that because you have few or many of the above backlinks. You will be punished by Google or that all the above backlinks have become malicious.

Which backlinks does Google welcome to create?

Google itself welcomes a list of backlinks that are:

  • Links from real sites (you’re asking to give you backlinks)
  • Links in depth and other pages of your site other than the original
  • Building natural domain authority
  • Creating content and creating articles every week (blogging)
  • Social media signals and for this, you should have the buttons for sharing the content of your website

One final advice I have to give you is to first deal with the on-page optimization of your website.  and then by creating backlinks to it and the internal landing pages.


I hope you have liked the article because this article will come about how we will avoid Illegal backlinks. today we have learned well and how backlinks role is about how to make our website paint on Google. Have understood better than this and we hope you will follow it. and come to your website further if you like the article then you can tell us.

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