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15 Golden SEO Tips for 2019

15 Golden SEO Tips and Tricks for 2019

Hello, my friends, I would like to start by congratulating all of you who are reading my site every week because, besides the useful and real applied knowledge on SEO, you are giving me the power to continue writing new and original articles, from here on the ramparts and the first line of SEO.

So I’d like to give you a few short tips that, although a niche, are in harmony with Google’s search algorithm as I set it up in 2018.

1)Emoji keywords (SEO Tips and Tricks)

Google will show Emojis or Emoticons in search results, so we are now entering the era of Emoji SEO Tips 2019. It’s a good idea to use Emojis as symbols to promote your website to search engines.

This means that Emojis will also become keywords.
SEO Tips 2019 @

2) Do not use the # symbol in the URLs

Do not use the # in URLs symbol, because Googlebot does not support sorting to URLs containing the # symbol.

3) Do not change content when you change HTTP to HTPPS

When changing our site from HTTP to HTTPS, we should not change our site. In this way, Google and other major search engines believe nothing else has changed on our site and thus continues to maintain its position on the search results pages. If you change over one thing beyond HTTP and SSL installation, then Google may change your rankings until it knows it is the same site.

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4) Check your backlinks every month

Since Google Penguin works in real time, it’s important to check your backlinks through Google Search Console and try not to get toxic or strange backlinks.

You are targeting quality rather than quantity.

5) The directories provide almost zero value

The backlinks from web directories have little value in the ranking of your website and will need enormous amount backlinks from drivers who unfortunately do not exist to go to Google.

SEO Tips 2019
SEO Tips 2019@

Also, the cost is already prohibitive and it does not consider so value for money investment for your website. However, online drivers and local guides give you a lot of relevance points in the ranking, so get in on some of them.

6) Widget links or footer links are still working

But the best backlinks are considered to be the contextual links that are inside the body of the article or the text of a web page. Prefer contextual backlinks and if you can not get such links, then go to widget links.

The easier the structure and the menu on your site is. Too many sites have internal footer links so that the visitor can go almost everywhere with a click.

The internal interface should exist on your pages and in your articles.

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8) Continue to create consistent White Hat Backlinks

Do not put it down, white hat backlinks give you the most consistent and reliable ranking results and keep you safe. It’s your brakes at every change in Google’s algorithm and finally keeps the balance between good and bad backlinks.

9) The content is king and the queen backlinks

SEO Tips 2019
SEO Tips 2019 and backlinks @

Do not stop creating epic content because the content is king and the queen backlinks.

You should devote 20% of your time to creating content on a mature site and 80% of the time in creating backlinks.

As you do the content is the basis, but without backlinks you will go nowhere as good and if your site is.

10) Create at least one video

The video will give you access to sites you did not have before to get even scatter on your backlinks. There are dozens of videos of websites on the Internet that are hungry for new and useful videos.

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11) Maintain the load speed below 2 seconds

The loading speed is a very important SEO Tips 2019 factor and will help you climb positions quickly and beat your competitors. You can control the speed of uploading your site to Google Site Speed.

12) Maintain a healthy link profile

Having some scrappy or bad backlinks means nothing because all major sites have spam backlinks and even Google’s own site. The overall backlink profile counts and the healthiest and the more natural it is, the better for you and your website.

13) Enrich the fine content

SEO-tips-2019 @

Your slim content sheds you on search engines. Enrich your website with rich and useful content to get better results on Google.

14) Kill the duplicate content or change it

Pages with similar or identical content do not help you in your search engine rankings. Try to change this content with a new useful and meaningful information for the end user.

Besides, all the updates you make on your site are welcome by the search engines.

15) Find which pages have the highest bounce rate

A high drop-out rate of over 50% means that something is wrong on a landing page. Whether you have the wrong keywords or you go out on the search engines with the wrong keywords or you have the wrong content.

The end user does not find what he is looking for on your website and so leaves it before he loads it.

Find out what is blame and change it to reduce the loss and bleeding.


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15 Golden SEO Tips and Tricks for 2019
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