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Instagram Algorithm – How It Works

Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works are crucial for anyone. Who wants to use this social network as an effective marketing tool.

We can say without fear of error without understanding the operation of this Instagram tool. You will hardly be able to develop a marketing strategy that strengthens. The relevance of your profiles and the organic reach of your publications.

With an audience of over 800 million users worldwide it is necessary to know well how the posts are distributed and for this.

It is necessary to know how the algorithm of Instagram works.

In our Instagram course, we dedicate an entire videotape to this theme. Precisely because we understand that without understanding this tool. creating a digital marketing strategy within this social network becomes a mission practically impossible.

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How Instagram Algorithm Works

Instagram is a social network driven by an algorithm since March 2016.

Dropping to update the timeline in chronological order adopted since the beginning of this network

In the first six years of life, Instagram was a simple reverse chronological feed.

Of posts from the accounts followed by each user marketing tool.

When you signed in to your Instagram account you always saw the most recent posts first.

It did not matter if they were your best friend or your favorite brand.

When the Instagram feed was managed by an algorithm the “scream” was general.

But Instagram states that since the algorithm was implemented people have liked.

And commented on more photos and got more involved with the community active.

In fact, Instagram says since this change users see 90% of their friends’ and family’s posts.

Compared to 50% before it introduces the feed algorithm.

To ensure that the person will see only what is most relevant to.

It to display him or her on that person’s timeline.

If you follow the same accounts as someone else but interact with content in different ways.

Instagram’s algorithm will make different predictions about.

What content you want to see your feed is always unique to you.

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The Instagram algorithm evaluation factors

Let’s see how the Instagram algorithm works and what are the three factors. It considers when distributing published content between feeds.

Instagram algorithm evaluation
Instagram algorithm evaluation

1 – Interest

In Interest, the Instagram algorithm attempts to “think” your interest in specific information in your account.

It supports the thought of this Interest on your communication with similar posts in the past. And may also be based on the content of the publication itself.

When in our course we dedicate a whole module to the study of the elements of a publication is precise.

What we are aiming to guide As in other social networks. the right choice of content types and.

I to publish formats, considering the Person of Marketing designed.

In the planning stage of your marketing strategy on Instagram is necessary for a good performance of the profile.

What this means for brands: It means that engagement is key and so every publication should take that into account. When users interact with their content they tell the algorithm they want to see more of their posts.

2 – Recency

In this parameter, the Instagram classification algorithm considers a temporality.

Instagram will better qualify the latest posts because it knows people like to have updated information in their timeline.

In information, Instagram announced in March 2018 that it was updating.

The algorithm just to make sure that the latest posts are more likely to appear first in the feed.

Because this way the content will be more recent and people will not lose the posts, they like the most.

It’s important to clarify that the Recency criteria does not mean that you should post haggardly. to make sure your post is always showing up to people.

This is one of the great myths about Instagram that many people still insist on believing.

What this means for brands: It’s important to figure out the best time to post on Instagram to make sure your posts are “recent”. when your followers are an online marketing tool.

This will require you to perform analysis and testing on your profile since there is no number common to all profiles.

Instagram Algorithm
Instagram Algorithm @

3 – Relationship

In the Relationship factor, the algorithm analyzes the depth of the user’s relationship to the person or brand. He or she follows based on how often he gets included with the posts.

If you often enjoy and comment on someone’s posts or are often tag in. You’ll see more of that person’s content in your feed than others you do not relate so often too.

This helps ensure that Instagram users see the content of people and brands with whom.

They have close relationships even if they do not have enough followers to get a substantial amount of tastings and comments.

For example, your mother’s posts will never get as many tanned as @KimKardashian. But since you probably enjoy and comment on your mom’s posts often.

And you tag each other in the photos Instagram’s rating algorithm understands that you want to see.

What it’s posting even if no one else it involves no one else with the content here.

It is important to note that regarding Relationship. it is possible that the Instagram algorithm. And also uses information from Facebook to determine relationships since they are sister platforms.

What this means for brands: That’s saying that it’s important to develop and even force ongoing relationships with your followers. Consistent engagement is more valuable than a marketing tool.

Sporadic engagement so knows what your followers want to see. get into and give them more of that content.

Instagram Algorithm
Instagram Algorithm @

Secondary signals used by the Instagram algorithm

  • The frequency of use – If you open Instagram several times a day you’ll always see recent posts. If you only open the app once a week, you may see posts with a few days.
  • Number of Profiles Followed – If you only track a few people the algorithm does not have a lot of content to work on.  So you can see more of each person’s posts. If you follow thousands of people you may not see everyone’s posts and you will not see too many posts from a person.
  • Application Usage – The way you use Instagram sends signals about how much content the algorithm should display. If you only look at the application for a moment. The algorithm will load your feed with content you consider a priority.

As you can see Instagram’s algorithm is not as random as some people claim quite the contrary. It is consistent with what this one which is one of the most used social networks in.


I hope you have liked this article because in this article. Today we have learned the Instagram algorithm very well how Instagram’s algorithm works and by reading it.

We can bring traffic to our website a lot if you have this article If you like it. You can tell us in the comment below.

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